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Extensions & Loft Conversion in London


Loft Conversion Builders London

Similarly to a house extension, loft conversions can greatly increase the living space in your property without sacrificing the space of another room. Unlike house extensions however, with a loft conversion you do not need to  give up some of the external space of your property.

A loft conversion alters the design of an existing space that is hardly used - if at all! A loft extension can also be useful if you live in quite an open neighbourhood as it means that you have an extra floor to use to view the surrounding countryside or other natural landscapes.

Extension Builders London

An extension is a perfect way to improve the appearance and value of your property. A home with an extension has instantly increased its market value. An extension also vastly increases the indoor space in your property. This can then be used for anything that you wish, from a living room to a social room to a bathroom, without having to sacrifice the space given to another room.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to a house extension is that the size of the extension that can be built is also dependant on the space available adjacent to your property.

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